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Since 1979 we have sold, designed, installed, and maintained aquatic exhibits in commercial, residential, and healthcare environments.

Image by roy zeigerman

"I have been working with the Aquatic Interiors team for over 15 years.  They are fantastic!  They’ve helped me acquire both salt water and freshwater tanks, and have stocked and maintained them as well.


In my offices, we have three beautiful quarter-round 75 gallon tanks that Aquatic Interiors found and set up for me and maintains on a bi-weekly basis. My fish are thriving!  They are extremely knowledgeable, responsive, and great to work with.  I wouldn’t trust my aquariums to anyone else!"

Bob Kelly, KPG Productions

How It Works

Whether we design and install a system, or we service your existing set-up, we focus on two key areas on our service visits: cleaning and animal health. We clean interior and exterior surfaces, do water exchanges, siphon clean gravel/substrates, plants, and decorative items, and check system components. For animal health, we check water chemistry on several levels and observe all fish, corals, invertebrates, and plants to make sure they are healthy and vibrant. If required, we will treat or remove compromised animal life so that the system thrives.

Live Animals & Supplies

You will be kept stocked with food for your fish and any needed supplies. If you desire new animal life, just let us know and we’ll make your vision a reality.

Why Us?

Our customers are primarily those that want no involvement in setting up, cleaning, or maintaining their exhibit. All they desire is to feed the animals and enjoy their aquariums!


Whether we visit as often as weekly or are “on call” according to your needs, we go to great lengths to accommodate your schedule. We provide a 24/7 phone line to respond to any emergencies, service needs, or important questions that can’t wait.

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