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The Team

Nearly all of our customers are serviced by full-time Aquatic Interiors employees. Each tech is a lifelong hobbyist, dedicated to every aspect of keeping a life support system (your aquarium) thriving and healthy. Our techs, on average, have been with us for over fifteen years! We are proud of their knowledge, but more proud of the “ownership” they take in each and every customer exhibit.


Dave Guynn

Custom Exhibit Manager

With more than 35 years of experience, Dave Guynn, the senior member of the Aquatic Interiors team, is widely recognized as an authority in designing specialized, custom applications for dynamic aquatic exhibits. Dave designs his exhibits to ensure they can support the most delicate marine and freshwater life on a sustained basis with individually constructed maintenance regimens. He is frequently asked to assist Aquatic Interiors customers with redesigning and retrofitting existing systems to accommodate the changing needs of their exhibits and is always up to the challenge.


Dave believes firmly that if you define a process for a successful aquatic display, and adhere to that process, the end result will be exactly as you envisioned it. His passion for and commitment to success are always reflected in each and every aquatic masterpiece that he creates.


Mike Bowling

Senior Technician

A Cincinnati, Ohio native, Mike has been working with Aquatic Interiors for 20 years and is passionate about designing creative and beautiful aquariums, always welcoming a good challenge.


Ever the perfectionist, Mike is very methodical, planning each project thoroughly, to ensure that everything is built to the highest of standards, and completed on time at the promised delivery date.


He also supervises both residential and commercial routine maintenance and helps facilitate aquarium moves.


In his free time, Mike enjoys golf, hiking, and tinkering with many different shapes and sizes of aquariums, particularly his own 45-Gallon Nano Reef Tank.



Tracy Kinney

Aquatic & Pet Therapy Specialist

A member of the Aquatic Interiors family for more than 25 years, Tracy Kinney has a love

for dogs and a passion for fish. Her position is a unique one, as she regularly brings her troop of registered therapy dogs, which include Skittles, Jeep, Norman, Toaster, Piper, Popcorn, Ivy, Angus, and Cheesecake to healthcare facilities throughout Greater Cincinnati while she services their aquatic exhibits. The residents look forward to her visits, and both Tracy and her canine companions greet them with contagious enthusiasm and loving energy, bringing smiles to everyone that they greet.


Tracy definitely has a special gift in spreading joy and positivity to so many people on a weekly

basis and we are delighted to have her on our team.


James Guynn

Aquatic Specialist

James Guynn, son of Aquatic Interiors Custom Exhibit Manager Dave Guynn, is entering his nineteenth year with the company. A long-time aquarium hobbyist, James is an expert in creating planted freshwater exhibits, and his knowledge of the necessary lighting and water requirements has resulted in some of our finest freshwater creations in Greater Cincinnati. He has a passion for the larger freshwater Cichlids, and for creating environments that are well-suited to the varied species, which each have their own unique space and water quality requirements.


Two generations of Guynn’s are now part of the Aquatic Interiors family of experts, and we are hoping that one day in the future, James’ son Josh will also be joining us.



Bathie Thiam

Pond & Freshwater Display Specialist      

Bathie joined the Aquatic Interiors team in 2020. He has filled a unique niche within the company due to

his passion for and expertise with both freshwater aquaria and outdoor pond displays. He is highly

involved with the design and installation of many of our large aquatic exhibits, due to his strong aptitude

for hydraulic and mechanical systems.


A native of Senegal, Bathie migrated to the USA from France and is fluent in five different languages.

At 6’11”, he is the tallest member of the Aquatic Interiors team. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his growing family, with three children under the age of 5.


Isaiah Cooper

Isaiah Cooper, the newest member of the Aquatic Interiors team, has a unique background prior to his Apprenticeship Program with Aquatic Interiors. Isaiah has appeared in a number of Toyota Commercials in addition to appearing on a Nickelodeon Christmas Promotion and highlighting a Nintendo Switch Commercial. He is graduating from High School in 2024 and has distinguished himself in Mixed Martial Arts competition as well as participating in competitive football, wrestling, and swimming.


Isaiah has proven to be a quick study and hard worker. He has completed the bulk of his Apprenticeship and will join the Aquatic Interiors team on a regular basis once he completes his High School studies. Isaiah has already earned the trust and respect of his fellow team members. We are elated that he is leveraging his passion to help us better serve our customers.


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